Flex Elite Fitness Massage Gun Review

The Flex Elite Fitness massage gun is a light-weight, convenient, and portable massage gun you can take anywhere.  Use it in the gym, on the job, or while traveling.

In this Flex Elite Fitness massage gun review you will learn how this product relieves any level of body soreness through deep and powerful muscle massage after exercise. 

In addition to restoring the body faster, the Flex Elite handheld massage gun can also promote muscle repair, improve blood flow, and reduce lactic acid buildup. You can also use it to prepare your body for exercise, or just to give yourself a gentle massage.

Flex Elite Percussion Massage Gun Highlights

32 speed settings

4 different massage heads

Lcd touch display screen


Brushless motor 

What it Comes With

1 * Mini Massage Gun

4 * Massage Heads

1 * Charging Cable

flex elite fitness massage gun review

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Flex Elite Massager Feature Info

Four different heads allow it to treat every muscle group specifically. A variety of massage heads and speeds delivers a relaxing massage to suit every muscle need. When used on sensitive muscles, the flex elite percussion muscle massager reduces bone and muscle damage caused by low-intensity massage guns. 

In a relaxing silence, enjoy your deep tissue massage gun. This brushless massage gun produces little noise. In addition to its noise-reducing technology and powerful motor, this professional deep tissue massage gun has 32 different adjustable speed settings delivering a maximum of 3,300 percussions per minute.

After fully charging, the 2000mAh high-quality lithium battery in this cordless massage gun provides 2 hours of continuous use. The massage gun includes a USB charger.

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