FIVE Meshes Together a Domesticated Home Wi-Fi Router

Home Wi-Fi mesh systems like Eero, TP-Link Deco, and Google Nest Wifi have done an admirable job of obscuring the necessary technology required for wireless connectivity in the home. It’s the same impulse that inspired British industrial product designers Hans Ramzan and Alex Fleming, who are both committed to “humanizing technology by curating meaningful products with the goal of improving the quality of life” to give a try to Wi-Fi at home with their own proposed concept to domesticate, FIVE.

“Everything and everyone revolves around the Internet. We have smartphones, smart speakers and smart TVs, “says Hans Ramzan,” but the device that powers these ecosystems has not evolved with its counterparts. We asked ourselves why has the WiFi router rarely changed? Why are these integral products still so confusing in our lives? Our mission puts people in front of the technology to humanize the home Wi-Fi system to develop the world’s first intelligent 5G router for the home. “

To that end, Ramzan and Fleming gave their system an aesthetic treatment closer to the wireless home audio effort. FIVE’s 5G hub uses a 5G SIM card instead of an incoming cable broadband connection, with a swappable SIM card slot removing a common connection that usually prevents users from finding the best and most convenient area to use an internet modem and / or position a wireless router.

FIVE was nominated as a Red Dot Award finalist this year, praised not only for its hardware but also for the attention paid to its companion mobile app, similarly designed to remove the complexities traditionally associated with facility and Management of a home network is connected.

The app enables the user to solve problems via live chat and maintain control over their privacy by managing devices that access your internal network. The implementation of a replaceable SIM card slot gives the user back control over the network provider.

Much like Plume’s discreet plug-in wireless mesh wall plugs, FIVE’s mesh networking plug-in units are designed to physically and aesthetically take up so little space in the home that Wi-Fi connectivity is extended to larger homes.

As 5G networks expand further and more evenly in both urban and suburban landscapes, intelligently equipped network devices like FIVE are becoming increasingly desirable solutions for people who want the speed but are less concerned about the technology itself. Further information can be found at:

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