Finest Structure Posts of 2020

10. A 70 m² top floor apartment in Barcelona with built-in furniture
MH.AP Studio designed an attic for David in Barcelona with clever built-in furniture and storage space to make optimal use of the 70 square meters of space.

9. A Ukrainian apartment is taking notes from Wabi-Sabi
Sergey Makhno Architects designed an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, as a separate nest for a young couple within a larger family complex as well as a space in which “imperfect beauty” can flourish.

8. Alley Cat: A modern backyard DADU in Seattle for a busy couple
SHED Architecture & Design designed a unique, low-maintenance structure called Alley Cat, which features an asymmetrical roofline that gives a nod to a cat ready to pounce on the ground with its back flattened.

7. The Sanctuary House hovers off the ground to support trees
San Francisco-based Feldman Architecture recently completed The Sanctuary, a Palo Alto residence designed for empty nests that sits behind the tall historic oak tree with a canopy that spans the entire front yard.

6. A small modern home with a big impact in Charlotte
A small lot usually makes a small house, but space constraints didn’t prevent Wittehaus architects from designing a spacious, modern residence in Charlotte, North Carolina.

5. A converted Eichler house with a central atrium in Silicon Valley
Ryan Leidner Architecture renovated an original Eichler Plan OJ-1605 house in Silicon Valley called the Twin Gable House, originally designed in 1962 by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons, which has a central, open-air atrium from which to view almost everything can be seen in every room.

4. Workstation Cabin: A Home Office Pod from Hello Wood
Workstation Cabin is a geometric multipurpose hideaway designed by Budapest design studio Hello Wood, which is quite compact so as not to take up too much outdoor space, but spacious enough to accommodate a highly functional office, guest room or playroom for the kids.

3. A modern Austin home with a pool that bisects the house
In search of tranquility, a client hired Ravel Architecture to design a private home on a remote street in Austin, Texas called the M1700 House. In the process, they found a place for a full-size lap pool in a challenging location measuring 25 feet in elevation.

2. 10 modern prefabricated houses We would love to call home
Over the years the prefab movement has continued to gain traction as a great option for a new home. Prefabricated houses were built in much less time than a traditionally built house and offer great, modern digs in intelligently designed, often compact packages.

And the most popular architecture post of 2020 is …

1. The coolest modern day RVs, trailers and RVs
Whether you’re the casual camper looking for something small to take to your next campsite or you’re looking for a top of the line, affordable Xpedition vehicle, we’ve found some of our most popular recreational vehicles that forego the typical aesthetic for which they are generally known and which focuses on the modern diversity that emerges more and more as people seek escape.

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