Finest Skim Milk Posts of 2020

10. The minimalist Ruxton Rise Residence by studiofour
The Ruxton Rise Residence is a minimalist house in Melbourne, Australia designed by studiofour. The home is based on the three most important life values ​​of the customer: family, health and integrity. The house goes beyond a physical structure but becomes a symbol of the family’s faith.

9. ORTHO is a minimalist concrete house in the Kanto region of Japan
ORTHO is a minimalist house in the Kanto region of Japan designed by Apollo Architects & Associates. The design of the residence uses the characteristic shape and topography of the stepped, irregularly shaped property.

8. Supersoft Modular Sofa from Note Design Studio
Supersoft is a modular sofa designed by the Stockholm Atelier Note Design Studio for Fogia. The conception of the sofa began when the studio took a trip to Italy to see the softness and comfort of southern European furniture compared to the more ascetic rigor of Scandinavian design.

7. Grand Relations by Liljencrantz Design
Grand Relations moved to their newest minimalist showroom in Stockholm, Sweden, designed by Liljencrantz Design. The spacious interior is located near Vasaparken and has 16-foot ceilings on around 2,200 square meters, which provides ample space for the rapidly growing agency.

6. Outside in i29’s minimalist villa
Outside In is a minimalist villa in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands, designed in collaboration between i29 and Bedaux de Brouwer. The spacious residence was designed for a family of four and allows all rooms to be connected horizontally, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.

5. Minimalist apartment in Taichung by THEY Department
The Taichung Apartment is a minimal apartment in Taichung, Taiwan designed in collaboration between THEY Department, Lore Design and ShenKe Studio. This space is an extension of the THEY brand’s aesthetic and focuses on geometric shapes and design details taken into account.

4. The Minimalist Cross Chair Tube by PearsonLloyd for Takt
Cross Chair Tube is a minimalist chair designed by the London studio PearsonLloyd for Takt that shares a visual language and assembly method with its predecessor. While the original Cross Chair has a solid oak frame, the Cross Chair Tube has a frame made of recycled tubular steel.

3. The minimalist BM0865 daybed by Børge Mogensen for Carl Hansen & Son
The BM0865 Daybed is a minimalist daybed made of solid oak, which was designed by Børge Mogensen for Carl Hansen & Son and is part of a restart of the renowned Danish architectural work, which was first shown at the Carpenter’s Exhibition in 1958.

2. A minimalist apartment in Kiev by Olga Fradina
The Apartment in Kiev is a minimalist interior in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Olga Fradina, whose design principle for this room was to create a livable interior that was individually designed. As such, the designer chose natural materials and neutral tones as the main themes of the interior.

And the most popular skimmed milk mail of 2020 is …

1. A contemporary Japanese interior in an Amsterdam canal house
The eclectic canal house in the city center of Amsterdam, Netherlands, was designed by the Amsterdam studio Mokkō as a minimalist retreat. The designers were tasked with creating a contemporary central living room inspired by Japanese sensibility and aesthetics.

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