Finest Know-how Posts of 2020

10. A gambling company office has an anti-tech atmosphere
Seattle-based gaming design and manufacturing company Analogue unveiled a retro-modern theme at its newly opened Asia headquarters in its workspace in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – a tasteful, “anti-tech” atmosphere for a team that struggles the (re) creation of homage gaming systems.

9. The Rotofarm is a NASA inspired sculptural hydroponic system
Are you one of the new “crops” of those interested in growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables from home? Most leafy greens, herbs, microgreens / sprouts, edible flowers – and yes, cannabis – can be grown indoors all year round with the right amount of light and water balanced. That is exactly the aim of the hydroponic garden system from Rotofarm to deliver in a decor-friendly form factor that is suitable for open presentation in the kitchen.

8. The Hyundai Prophecy EV predicts a sensual, sporty future
A new electric concept from Hyundai Motor Company came as no big surprise, and it joined numerous other concept vehicles that represent an electrified future that promises to dwarf the internal combustion engine era. However, we weren’t sure if anyone was predicting the Prophecy EV would arrive without a steering wheel.

7. AeroLyze Breath Glucometer wins the 2020 US James Dyson Award
More than one in three Americans – around 88 million in total – is prediabetic. Unfortunately, the majority of this group are unaware of their limit state, a missed opportunity to keep a significant portion of that number from developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. AeroLyze by designer Thipok Poom Cholsaipant aims to make testing easier by introducing a small, easy-to-use and app-connected device that can test glucose levels without the traditional fingerprint requirement when testing for diabetes.

6. The new “Comfort White” from Airstream is stylish
Airstream owners are a passionate and aesthetic bunch. Numerous examples of trailer owners take things into their own hands and modernize the interiors of their favorite trailers according to their tastes and specifications. The trailer manufacturer is fully aware of the needs of its customer base and has for its part announced a brand new interior for its flagship 2020 Classic Travel Trailer, aimed at customers who want to travel in style.

Printouts for IKEA speakers

5. Teenage Engineering’s 3D prints turn IKEA speakers into something cool
The spirited Frekvens collection from IKEA, which was developed in collaboration with Stockholm audio freaks, was already unlike anything else in the consumer audio category: A limited selection of modular Bluetooth-enabled speakers that offer a playful reinterpretation of the boombox in various forms Customize with a choice of additional components – speakers, lighting and accessories. Couldn’t leave you alone well enough, Teenage Engineering is now offering thirteen additional customization accessories for 3D printing for free, adding an extra level of practical and occasionally wonderfully weird quality to the IKEA speaker line.

4. Former Apple engineer designs a futuristic cannabis water pipe with kinetic movement
With 11 years of experience as a senior technical specialist at Apple, Tracey Huston’s background has centered on solving a variety of challenges in the modern and digital realm, a background not typically associated with reshaping the age-old pastime of smoking. Huston applied a similar attention to detail when creating Stündenglass, a curious and intriguing device that delivers smooth and steamy draws with an hourglass flip.

3. 10 minimalist modern zoom backgrounds for virtual meetings
Unusual times have resulted in unusual actions including the propensity of work teams to continue to access Zoom virtual video conferencing on a daily basis. Previous professional decency required a neat and well-lit home office as a backdrop, but now those boundaries have been expanded to allow for a degree of creative license. We found some new modernist interiors from the Design Milk archives to create aesthetic diversity without introducing unnecessary distractions. So if you are looking for a modern zoom background, we have released 10 for you.

2. The Moon coffee maker is dripping with caffeine and cuteness
We’re coffee lovers, which partly explains our fascination with Israeli designer Roee Ben Yehuda’s Moon Coffee Makers, an espresso machine that has been reinterpreted with a friendlier steampunk-meets-kawaii aesthetic, resulting in a device that has a less intimidating front as intended to present the complexity of a traditional espresso machine.

And the most popular tech post in 2020 is …

Helmet for SpaceX Spacesuit Design

1. The design of the SpaceX spacesuit explained
The successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 reorbital missile system, which transports the Crew Dragon to the International Space Station, was historic when NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were successfully dispatched to a privately developed spacecraft. The mission also revealed the next generation of astronautical clothing, the SpaceX spacesuit.

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