Finest At The Workplace Posts of 2020

10. Arper furnishes the new office of the CBRE Group in Amsterdam
CBRE Group, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, moved into new Amsterdam offices that once housed an auto repair shop. The Dutch branch relied on its own design team to create the modern interior of The Core, which combined original details with new furniture from Arper.

9. The noho move ™ chair consists of recovered fishing nets + carpets
The new noho brand was launched with a new chair that is completely sustainable as it is made from 100% regenerated and regenerable nylon. Noho, based in Aotearoa, New Zealand, has partnered with Aquafil to develop an everyday chair collection made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a material made from upcycled plastic waste such as reclaimed fishing nets and end-use carpets. The noho move ™ chair is designed with “dynamic comfort” that allows the user to lean back and lean forward while the chair moves with you.

8. Montreal’s empty Olympic Tower was revitalized into offices for Desjardins
The Montreal Olympic Tower, abandoned in 1987, has been converted into a new office for Desjardins, one of the largest financial institutions in Quebec. Provencher_Roy designed the office interior, which extends over seven of the building’s 12 floors and corresponds to 80% of the available rental space. Now referred to as the Montreal Tower, the structure was opened when Provencher_Roy removed much of the precast concrete slabs and replaced it with an all-glass facade that covered approximately 60% of the facade.

7. ROOM opens up new modular meeting rooms for the modern work area
New York-based ROOM has redesigned the modern workspace with modular architectural solutions that offer employees options for privacy. The startup brought three new designs onto the market – the meeting room, the open meeting room and the focus room – and offers private spaces for targeted work or collaboration, whether in person or virtual.

6. The Ziggy table and stool easily adapt to any work situation
Many organizations have made adaptability a priority to keep pace with the demands of their ever-evolving workspaces and employees. The Ziggy Table and Ziggy Stool, designed by Brad Ascalon for Hightower, are compact pieces that take this into account. The geometric duo is both fun and functional and can be easily moved around for solo work if necessary or brought together to collaborate with others.

5. HEB Digital and Favor Set up a new office in Austin’s 1st Recycling Center
Once home to Austin’s first recycling center, this 81,000 square foot warehouse was renovated by IA Interior Architects to become the new home of HEB Digital and Favor Delivery. The massive transformation resulted in a high-energy headquarters adorned with local art and materials that give the Texas location a nod.

4. Nendo inserts “1” and “0” into glass partitions in an office in Tokyo
When designing the new interior of the “IoT Center” for the office of a global professional company in Tokyo, Nendo plunged into the digital world. In addition to the typical workspaces and conference rooms, the digital hub in Tokyo houses three galleries and a lounge in which new digital technologies are exhibited, as well as a multi-purpose room for seminars and events. Instead of using typical partitions to divide the rooms, Nendo designed transparent glass walls with binary code, ie the computers “0” and “1” use data for writing and saving.

3. Shapeless Studio brings geometric shapes to the New NYC Ahlem Eyewear Shop
LA-based Ahlem Eyewear commissioned Shapeless Studio Architecture & Interiors to design their retail space in New York City. The modern eyewear brand, which specializes in handcrafted, design-oriented eyewear frames in Paris, moved into the flexible 500-square-meter space on Elizabeth Street in SoHo – a space that can easily be transformed into a showroom, gallery or event space. The designers were inspired by the brand’s unique glasses, especially their craftsmanship, geometric shapes and the use of sustainable materials. They created a space that welcomes visitors with a floating, curved wall, custom millwork, and sculptural walnut doors inspired by the work of Isamu Noguchi.

2. A warehouse is transformed into an innovative office with shipping containers
When the Spectris Innovation Center Porto wanted to expand, the studio turned an empty warehouse in Maia, Portugal. The base camp with gray walls is now a colorful home for a variety of meeting areas, team rooms, individual workstations for around 60 people and selected places for leisure.

And the most popular post in the office of 2020 is …

1. See Inside the new ornate offices of JAY-Z’s Roc Nation
Surrounded by galleries in the New York borough of Chelsea, the new Roc Nation offices fit perfectly into the modern art collection of founder and rapper JAY-Z. Working closely with Desiree Perez, CEO of Roc Nation, architect Jeffrey Beers designed a sleek, collaborative environment that perfectly complements the entertainment company’s impressive list of talent and other creative endeavors.

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