Female Design Council Spotlight: K’era Morgan

We continue to celebrate Women’s History Month together with the Female Design Council (FDC), where we highlight talented designers, artists, and creators who identify women and their incredible work. This week we introduce K’era Morgan, a Los Angeles-based mixed media artist and textile designer whose abstract artwork can be found on tapestries, blankets, pillows, prints and notebooks, as well as original collage paintings. After graduating with a BFA in textile design from the School of Art Institute in Chicago, K’era embarked on a long career in public relations before returning to her artistic roots. She has since focused on handmade art, working intuitively to create each piece as she withdraws from her surroundings to ultimately tell a story. In the manufacture of textiles, K’era works with one of the last American mills to turn their colorful, graphic patterns into eye-catching textiles made of 100% hand-dyed cotton. Her textile goods and original artwork have landed in independent boutiques, private homes and art collections around the world and can be purchased through her website k-apostrophe.com.

Serpent Series IV, collage painting on paper, 20 x 30 A recently completed piece completed in a growing collection of works related to the fascination with snake symbology.

Marea Tapestry Based on an original painting of the same name woven into a 40 “x 53” tapestry for a private Santa Monica residence. Photo: Caca Santoro

Yuca Blanket New Spring / Summer 2021 collection, made from the original piece of the same name, woven into a handmade blanket (54 x 72 inches). Photo: Kat Hennessey

Meander Ceiling One of four custom ceiling designs created for Revival Rugs. Photo: resuscitation carpets

Throw pillows on the pool side and the hieroglyphic throw Made from pieces of the same name, woven in 17 “x 17” pillowcases and 54 “x 72” throw from 100% cotton (75% are recycled cotton). Photo: Kat Hennessey

Spiral pillows with blankets New Spring / Summer 2021 collection pieces, inspired by the varied terrain and the Mediterranean climate of Southern California. All parts are made to order from 100% cotton. Photo: Kat Hennessey

Experimental collaboration with Summer Vega, 2018 Photo: Summer Vega

K’era Morgan

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