Female Design Council Spotlight: Erin Lorek

Continuing our celebration of Women’s History Month with the Female Design Council (FDC), today we’re introducing Brooklyn-based lighting designer Erin Lorek. With a degree in theater lighting design from West Chester University and experience as a designer, gaffer and rigger in NYC’s live entertainment industry, Erin founded her studio LOREKFORM, where she explores and experiments the nature of light through materiality and form. Erin works with artists and makers across the country to bring their lighting designs to life. She sees light almost like a living object that “can be made to dance or even come to life”. With various organic yet reflective textures and surfaces, she creates lights that look like art sculptures or installations. Every design and every collection goes beyond the basic function of lighting a room. They highlight the different ways that light can affect the space in which it is located.

Beacon trailer; Mesh structure in daylight

Installation of beacons; various textures and accessories photo by @bartblonski.

3x installation of surround trailers; Filter, Jersey and Mesh Textures Photo by @andreafremiotti.

Surround trailers in their tilt and fall position Photo by @andreafremiotti.

Surround pendant; Mesh texture in the drop position

Surround pendant detail; Mesh texture

Iron tool prepares for glass casting; Iron texture

Sketch in the position of 6x surround trailers in the Six Gallery by Quincoces-drago & Partners. “I was on my way to becoming an illustrator when I started my career, but I haven’t drawn seriously in about 15 years. During the pandemic, I took the time to find joy in this practice again. With this side project, Sketches in Situ, I can stretch those wings of the illustrator and at the same time fantasize about what my work would look like with others. “ Original photo by @quincocesdrago.

Erin Lorek

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