Female Design Council Spotlight: Elodie Blanchard

Brooklyn-based textile artist Elodie Blanchard takes the things that others no longer want and turns them into objects and environments that are full of joy and humor. Born in France, Blanchard studied sculpture and fashion. A perfect background which ultimately led to her founding her design studio in 2005 and giving us permission to explore our relationships with nature, with others and with ourselves through her work. Blanchard also works with brands to create textile collections and architects for large-scale installations for public spaces, institutions, homes, offices and hotels. Hopefully we all have the opportunity to someday experience their work in person to appreciate their art studies firsthand in exploration and repetition.


Installation art


Textile art

Loopy Melting Clown

Textile art

Smiley melting clown

Textile art

Brave melting clown




A mountain for Saturday Green

Textile art

Progress in HBF textiles

Elodie Blanchard

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