Entesi 3 Massage Gun Review – Post Workout Tool

Massage guns are the go to device for athletes and anyone dealing with sore tired muscles as a form of relief.  In this Entesi 3 Massage Gun review you will learn why having a massage gun is important and why this brand is a great product. 

Entesi 3 Massager Benefits

Fast muscle recovery

Reduce muscle pain

Muscle fatigue

Lactic acid build-up

Encourage blood flow

Improve range of motion

Improve flexibility

Reduce muscle stiffness

Entesi 3 Percussion Massage Gun Highlights

8 massage heads

6 built in speeds between 1900 – 2800 RPM

Lithium ion battery

Type-C charging ports


entesi 3 massage gun review

The Entesi is available at the Entesi Store on Amazon – click to read reviews!!

Battery Info

Entesi 3 offers one of the biggest leaps in battery life, with an internal lithium-ion battery with 120 minutes of continuous use. Type-c charging ports can be charged to 5V/2A adapter or power bank, providing greater portability. Any regular phone adapters will be able to charge the massage gun without a problem.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is covered with a skin-friendly coating which gives you a baby’s skin touch. It is ergonomically and easy-hold designed thence actively reducing strain on your hands, wrists, and arms.


If you are looking for an affordable massage gun the Entesi 3 massage gun price online sits around $60.  Customers can find the Entesi 3 percussive muscle massager available at the Entesi Store on Amazon.  The product has over 500 customer ratings and 77% of customers rated it 5 stars – click to read reviews!!

Entesi 3 Percussion Massage Gun Info

The Entesi 3 massage gun has a rechargeable battery and type-C charging ports. You can use a regular phone adapter or a 5V/2A power bank to recharge it. 

The Entesi massager is portable and perfect for travel, making it a great gift idea. Its internal lithium-ion battery allows you to choose a speed that suits your needs. A power bank will last up to 120 minutes of continuous use.

The Entesi deep tissue massage gun has 6 built-in speeds that you can choose from. It can work for up to two hours, depending on the level of pressure and speed. The device is portable and rechargeable. 

The massage gun is lightweight, and can be used by both men and women. It is also a good gift idea for men and women. The Entesi 3 has 6 built-in speeds, which make it the perfect massager for a busy life. The RPM can be adapted from your regular phone adapter.

The Entesi 3 handheld massager has six built-in speeds and a type-C charging port. The battery life of the Entesi massage gun is 120 minutes, and it can be charged with a regular phone adapter. 

Whether you’re using it during a massage session or working in the office, it will provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. The Entesi massage gun will make your partner feel good about themselves!  Thanks for reading this Entesi 3 massage gun review!

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