Emo Sundaes, Paper Pulp Sculptures, Interactive Ecosystems + More

1. We have long been fans of LA-based artist Joshua Abarbanel, whom I recently started following on The Gram. There is something fascinating about his intricate, layered, laser-cut wooden sculptures. See more of his nature-inspired work here. One of his newest pieces, Hull 04 (above), introduces a new material: cellulose paper. He says:

Hull 04, detail

“The outbreak of the pandemic crystallized what I had struggled with for a while: flood and guilt at the vast amounts of paper and packaging that permeate our daily lives. This problem became more and more apparent as quarantine restrictions created a situation where in-store online shopping was usurped. Hull 04 is starting to address my concerns about privacy, consumption, consumption and sustainability. The basis of this piece consists of the contents of old tax files that I shredded and mulched into paper clay. All of the flourishes above are made from cut cardboard packaging material and product packaging from my household. Shells – as forms and ideas – refer to survival, flight and regeneration. “

2. The ultimate design milk stationery set from Design Milk! I’m still a to-do list writer using pen and notebooks – yes, I know – old school. When we decided to create some of our own products, I thought about what I use every day … As part of our 15th anniversary celebration, we have customized these popular Poketo products with some of our own patterns and designs. Grab the bundle or go à la carte with 2 different blank notebooks, a concept planner, a slim pen set or a DM bookmark or choose one of the other bundles.

3. teamLab has a new exhibition in San Francisco at the Asian Art Museum called Continuity, where you become part of an interactive and artistic natural ecosystem of flowers, fish and birds. Get tickets here.

4. Taking Back Sundae, a new creative venture from Lauren Hom and Kristle Marshall that combines ice cream with pop-punk and emo albums – an unlikely combination. But it produced some tasty looking goodies – I’m for anything that brings food and music together!

ps listen to the Clever episode with Lauren Hom here.

5. Giant Jumbling Tower – My daughter and I play this game all the time and I am not embarrassed that she keeps beating me! It’s one of our favorites.

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