Elite Tac Flashlight Review – Powerful All-in-One Flashlight

The Elite Tactical Flashlight is a great choice for a military flashlight. It can be used for any of your personal needs at home or for work.  It is durable and puts out so much light that you won’t need another flashlight.

In this Elite Tac Flashlight review you will learn why you need a flashlight of this caliber in your possession or for your EDC – everyday carry.

Elite Tac Flashlight Highlights

Most powerful flashlight used by Special Forces

Brightest flashlight on the market

First affordable military flashlight available to the public

Strongest LED technology around

All-in-one flashlight

Brightness and Zoom 

Light up immense areas

Blind and disorient attackers

Adjustable zoom up to 2000x

Compare the Elite Tac flashlight with one of the best selling tactical flashlights on Amazon the Energizer T1000 LED Tactical Flashlight. It has over 1400 customer ratings with 82% of customers rating the product 5 stars – click to read reviews!!

Utility cord


Made of military aircraft grade aluminum

Resistant to dust, water, and shocks

5 different lighting modes






Elite Tac Info

The Elite Tac is built tough to withstand any abuse you can throw it’s way. It has a 2000x zoom and super brightness. It is also waterproof and shock-resistant. The Elite Tac flashlight is a good choice for home and work, and it is a great choice for the outdoors.

This LED flashlight features a magnetic base and original modes of high, low, and strobe. It is available in the color black and comes with a two-thousand-times-zoom lens. The Elite Tac is a great choice for outdoorsmen, as it can provide light for an entire room.

It comes with an extended battery life and runs on 3AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable 18650 battery for many hours of continual use. If your Elite Tac breaks, you can purchase a new one. To save even more money, you can buy two Elite Tacs, buy one get one 55% off. 

The only catch is that you have to pay for shipping and handling separately. It does not come with batteries. However, it is still a great choice. And if you’re worried about getting stuck in a darkened area, the Elite is perfect for you.

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