Elevate Your Pet’s Mealtimes With the Modern MOGO Feeding Kit

Do you love your pet very much, but do you also care about the way your home looks? It’s inevitable for a pet to bring all kinds of equipment to accompany their walks, feedings, playtime, and sleep, but that doesn’t mean your space has to look like a zoo. Many pet brands think little about anything other than function, and while this works for some people, it usually doesn’t work for aesthetes. Enter industrial designer Jay Sae Jung Oh, who founded Seattle-based pet lifestyle brand Boo Oh after adding a French bulldog named Boo to the mix and quickly realizing how difficult it was to find pet products that were reflected their style. Taking advantage of her design background and love of creating beautiful yet practical objects, Jay launched Boo Oh, named for her pup and her own last name. In addition to passed out dog gear including collars, leashes and poop holders, they launched the modern MOGO collection of 100% pet safe edibles.

The durable MOGO feeding set contains everything you need for a healthy and happy feeding experience for your favorite four-legged friend. It contains two bowls for water + food, a scooper, a spatula and a tray in light gray or dark gray of your choice. Also included are two sponges to keep everything clean. If you don’t need everything the kit offers, the MOGO parts are also available here individually.

In addition to the sleek, minimalist look of the collection, all products are 100% food safe, non-toxic + hypoallergenic, heat-resistant, BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and dishwasher and microwave safe so you can sleep at night knowing your pet’s meals are available are safe.

>>> MOGO Feeding Kit – dark gray

>>> MOGO Dark Gray Bowl

>>> MOGO Feeding Kit – light gray

>>> MOGO Light Gray Bowl

>>> MOGO Dark Gray Scooper
>>> MOGO light gray scooper

>>> MOGO Dark Gray spatula

>>> MOGO light gray spatula

>>> MOGO dark gray tray

>>> MOGO light gray tray

>>> Take a look at the Boo Oh MOGO Mealtime Collection and the entire Boo Oh Pet Collection in the Design Milk Shop! <

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