E Pulse Hyper-X Percussion Massager Review

If you are like many people, you probably need a good, solid massage to relieve stiffness and relax tired muscles. When you get over a tough or long run, lactic acid in your lower leg muscles clog up your circulation system, causing chronic soreness and inflammation. 

Percussion managers utilize quick, rhythmic hits to clear out this waste. By giving yourself regular treatments with this effective tool, you will enjoy better-quality, longer lasting relief than you ever thought possible.  In this E Pulse Hyper-X Percussion Massager review you will learn how this tool will give you a speedy recovery.

Hyper-X Massage Gun Highlights

Cost $799

8 interchangeable massage heads

Cordless/rechargeable batteries

6 hours of battery time

20 levels of intensity

Weighs 3.4lbs

High definition LCD display

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Relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness

Increases range of motion

Reduces inflammation

Affects superficial and deep muscle fibers

Speed recovery

What is the HyperX Percussion Recovery Gun?

HyperX’s Percussion Gun delivers power, performance, and variable performance.  The HYperX installed SilientiQ technology to deliver 20 speeds silently in order to accelerate warmup and recovery.

Variable-speed e Pulse Hyper-X percussion massage therapy gun is ideal for anyone looking for relief from everyday stress.  Many consumers choose these types of massage guns because they can go from moderate to powerful speed without having to change position. 

The motor is located near the handle of the massager, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with a bulky cord. The larger motor sizes of these types of massage guns can move relatively fast, while the lower speeds tend to be more comfortable for most users. 

Because they are very portable, these are a popular choice among consumers who like to carry a small but powerful massager with them everywhere they go.

E pulse Hyper X Massager Battery Life

Some users also consider battery life a key factor when choosing a hand held massager. Because there are so many variable speed, high quality Hyper-x deep tissue percussion massagers typically have longer battery life spans than their lower speed counterparts. 

You may also want to consider the length of the battery life you’re looking for. The Hyperx percussion recovery gun can easily go up to 6 hours between charges, while other models don’t operate as long. 

Compare the ePulse Hyperx Massage Gun with the #1 Best Seller on Amazon – the P3 Pro.  The P3 Pro has 125 customer ratings and 89% of customers rated it 5 stars, click to read reviews!!

Speed Adjustments

Handheld massage guns with high quality motor systems are the best choice for anyone looking for long lasting performance. Some consumers prefer models with over four hours of vibration correction, so they can enjoy massage therapy for a full day without worrying about recharging. 

Some users also choose models with quiet vibration motors as they like to apply gentle pressure over specific areas of their body. Others just want a completely silent motor system, so they can use their device in complete comfort without the need to hear any buzzing or ringing. 

With the Hyperx percussion massager you’ll receive all of the conveniences you desire all in one device.


One important factor to consider is that all motorized massage guns have an assortment of attachment heads. Some attachment heads allow for deeper muscle penetration and more efficient muscle and joint manipulation. Here is what comes with the HyperX massager:

Comes with a sphere, pound, u-head, bullet, wedge, and thump head along with 2x BONUS SET ATTACHMENTS

You may be surprised at the variety of accessory head choices available, including massage oil pouches and heaters to help warm up your massage session.  Thanks for reading this E Pulse Hyper-X Percussion Massager Review.

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