Duravit SensoWash Starck f Toilet Is Flush With Under Lid Technologies

The German luxury bathroom fittings manufacturer has been in partnership for more than ten years Duravit and iconic designer Philippe Starck have worked together to free the toilet from an everyday necessity into a kind of design object. Beginning in 2010 with the unveiling of the SensoWash shower toilet seat designed by Starck, the two of them have jointly produced numerous contemporary iterations that culminate in the latest shower toilet – the Duravit SensoWash Starck f – a slim, minimalist chest of drawers with a multitude of integrated bidet technologies that are hidden under the lid.

In addition to the existing Sensowash Starck, SensoWash Slim and Sensowash i from Duravit, the newly introduced SensoWash Starck f takes on the appearance of a typical but modern wall-mounted ceramic toilet (at least typical in Europe, where this space-saving design is more often seen). The real story is hidden, an amalgamation of some of the highest quality bathroom technologies that remain hidden until needed.

With a flat seat and the white cover design over the flush unit, users can access a menu with bidet functions via a slim remote control with icons or note the usual inclination of telephones in the bathroom, which are accessible via a Duravit Sensowash app.

There the Duravit SensoWash Starck f can be programmed for automatic lid opening and closing, auto-flushing, several washlet / bidet hygiene spray functions (comfort, lady and buttocks wash), toilet functions, temperature of the seat heating, odor filtering, adjustable water temperature and air dryer temperature settings.

Like similar premium toilets, the SensoWash Starck f was developed to keep the inside of the bowl clean between uses with rimless flushing technology with water flow for the purpose of porcelain care. In addition, they are baked on a specially developed germicidal glaze (one with a name on its nose: HygieneGlaze) that is said to kill 90% of bacteria after six hours and 99.999% after 24 hours using an “oligodynamic reaction”. make the inside of the toilet inhospitable to bacteria.

While functions are accessible via a compatible Duravit SensoWash, we suspect that most users will be satisfied with the slim and easy-to-use remote control.

The Duravit SensoWash Starck f is available both wall-hung and as a one-piece Lite or Plus model. Further information can be found at duravit.de.

Photos courtesy of Duravit.

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