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It is well known in the design world that Australia’s talent is on point. Chic silhouettes combine with a strong play of colors and mixed materials for a sleek style that defines the Australian aesthetic. The country is also successful in tech gaming and manufacturing, bringing great ideas to life. What may not be so well known is that Australia is a pioneer in workplace furniture that combines design and technology with business Schiavello sit in the top tier.

As a craftsman who learned to make furniture in Italy, my father Tony has always had a passion for quality. His pride in the satisfaction of his customers and the need to support a young family drove him to found Schiavello in 1966. From humble beginnings, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an “anything is possible” attitude, Schiavello grew and evolved into the multidisciplinary group that we are today.

– Peter Schiavello, Managing Director of the Schiavello Group

Tony Schiavello, 19 years old

Founded in Melbourne by Tony Schiavello with the help of his younger brother Joe, the brand’s success has always been based on people – collaborations and relationships are at the heart of everything they do. For over 55 years, Schiavello has worked with thousands of customers across a range of industries to offer an integrated approach to creating holistic working and living environments. Ultimately, their goal is to bring people and teams together, build a corporate culture, support the transition to hybrid working, and create a virtual and physical connection in the workplace.

Black and white picture of a factory building

The first Schiavello factory, Tullamarine VIC

As the world continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important that we have these skills – including smart furniture solutions that are versatile, reconfigurable, mobile, and technology-enabled. While parts of the world are only now considering real estate footprints and hybrid workplaces, Australia has been incorporating the approach into their office designs for years. “Australia has been a leader in agile working (or activity-based working) for over a decade. This requires that the workplace can do more than just provide a desk or conference room, but rather act as dynamic, collaborative, social, healthy and hospitable spaces that embody a company’s brand and culture. The approach is fearless and the results are exciting, ”said Katy Mercer, Principal at Woods Bagot.

Workplace with a private cabin desk

Focus stand

This is exactly where Schiavello lets a company shine by taking into account the experience and culture that can lead it to further success. Add to that a unique aesthetic that emphasizes purpose, function and ergonomics and you will see why Schiavello’s design intelligence is superior to all others.

Mercer said: “Schiavello enjoys color, is thoughtful in the details and unexpected in the combinations of settings. They are leading the way by adopting clever ways to incorporate flexible and high-tech strategies into their commercial furniture line while continuing to focus on the hospitality and residential sectors. “

Conference table with office chairs and standing workstation

Agile table

Home office with desk, filing cabinet and office chair

Krossi seat stand

The purpose of the workplace has changed, it will continue to change, and yes, it still has value. The range of changes is actually quite wide depending on the industry and business you’re talking to. What we can all count on is the fact that we now know how to build, honor, and nurture remote teams.

– Katy Mercer, director at Woods Bagot

Woman is sitting in a privacy booth with two end tables

Toku collection

“An understanding of the evolving and future purpose of the workplace is key to being relevant in today’s world. Ongoing research into the psychology of people and culture provides Schiavello with a wealth of knowledge to consider product and service solutions. Technology-enabled agility and malleability in the workplace will support rewarding user experiences and future ways of working, ”said Peter Schiavello, Managing Director of Schiavello. “Our way will continue to be in the hands of our customers. Schiavello’s success is in building long-term partnerships with customers and stakeholders that result in inspiring and mutually beneficial trips. “

modern office building

Current headquarters of Schiavello, Tullamarine VIC

Schiavello stands on its deeply rooted original values ​​of quality, integrity and service excellence as well as on forward-looking values ​​of innovation and progress. As thought leaders who create a culture of learning and entrepreneurship, understand customer needs, and challenge their own thinking, Schiavello remains committed to developing high quality, progressive workplace solutions that deliver on those promises they have long held.

With manufacturing facilities across Melbourne and a state-of-the-art headquarters, Schiavello designs, distributes and works with leading brands worldwide. An end-to-end Australian supply chain not only gives the company skills and control, but also agility. As a smaller company, Schiavello can pivot faster than larger brands and respond to its customers’ needs in record time. It also provides them with an opportunity to ensure that every element is in line with their sustainability and quality control expectations.

Row of semi-private workspaces facing large windows

OTM table

Although Schiavello’s operations have a global reach, they are committed to supporting local businesses. By working closely with trusted Australian suppliers, they can source more than 90 percent of the raw materials that make up their products – wood, glass, aluminum and steel – from within the country. 95 percent of the production also takes place on site.

Schiavello supports designers, architects and future-oriented companies in many ways as a partner for commercial furniture and workplace design. They strive to keep their processes as local as possible while offering you innovative solutions that build relationships in the workplace. And with Australia’s simple but thoughtful aesthetic, you probably won’t find her approach anywhere else.

Schiavello Furniture is represented in the USA through a partnership network of agents and dealers in San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles. Worldwide they have showrooms and offices in all major cities in Australia and the Middle East as well as representations in New Zealand, North and Southeast Asia and India. Find your nearest dealer now.

Are you interested in participating in Schiavello’s global growth? Contact [email protected] to discuss partnership opportunities in your region.

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