Do Restrictions on H-1B Visas Create American Jobs?

DealBook received an in-house training video played for foreign workers at Cerner, a medical software provider and the largest user of H-1B visas in Kansas City, Missouri. 1B Visa Lottery: Re-enroll in a study program and work for the company on a student visa, a practice that has been adopted by companies and universities in recent years. move to India if they are allowed to work there; or leave the company. Cerner declined to comment on the training video.

Obtaining a work visa will be slightly easier. The Biden administration has already lifted some changes made by the Trump administration to the application process. Immigrant spouses applying for work permits no longer need to be fingerprinted and photographed. This requirement was introduced in 2019 and added processing time to tens of thousands of workers like Mr Parashar’s wife having to wait in visa arrears during the period of the pandemic.

In late April, the Biden government issued guidelines calling on immigration officials to postpone previous decisions when reviewing visa renewal cases. This long-standing practice was lifted in 2017. The policy memo made it difficult for entry-level computer programmers to obtain a work visa was also lifted in January.

These changes are taking place against the background of a long-term trend in labor globalization driven by many factors, including the availability of skills and relative labor costs in other countries. For example, according to a review of job openings posted by data provider Thinknum on the websites of the top H-1B users, the percentage of job openings outside the US at Accenture, Capgemini and Cognizant has increased since 2018, while the percentage of positions advertised in the US has risen has shrunk.

Unless companies get the visas they want to sponsor foreign workers in the US, there is little stopping them from hiring workers outside of the US. And the increasing adoption of remote working after the pandemic may mean that even more types of jobs can be filled around the world.

Ben Wright, the executive director of Velocity Global, a professional employers’ organization that hires overseas workers for clients while waiting for U.S. visas, said companies have been willing to accept overseas workers who cannot come to the U.S. due to pandemic restrictions .

“You also see hiring managers say,” Geez, my eyes are open to the fact that we can really work from anywhere, “he said.” That is attracting these companies around the world in a way that has never happened before. “

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