Detroit Month of Design Will Showcase the Creative Spirit of the City

In the first and only UNESCO City of Design in the USA Detroit Month of Design will take over the city next week with an exciting series of events to celebrate the creative spirit of Detroit. Presented by Design Core Detroit, the show includes talks, tours, exhibits, workshops, installations, and other immersive experiences that you can partake in every day in September. We are delighted to be media partner of this unique show again, and even more excited to announce that Design Milk is the Diversity in Detroit Event that explores the issues surrounding the lack of diversity in the design industry and what we can do to address them. Be sure to register for the event here.

With more than 150 attendees running over 80 events and projects over the course of the month, this year’s show is turning out to be the best to date. If you’re in the area and want to plan your design events itinerary, here are 5 that we think you should try:

Vases in the sand

Rachel Heibel, Vases of the Great Lakes

Here X Now
During the pandemic, artists and designers found meaning and healing through design and created new projects in isolation. These projects are presented in this exhibition by Form & Seek Collective. It will be interesting to see what designers have been able to design and create in unique circumstances.

Designing For Good-Shirt

Designing for Good-Shirt

Design for good Detroit
We are always interested in a workshop that examines how design can be more sustainable. This virtual workshop is presented by AIGA Detroit and discusses how designers can lead sustainability through the choices they make in their creative processes.

Forces of nature

Forces of Nature: AW 22/23 Design Forecast
This is another sustainability-related topic, but it comes from a trend forecasting perspective. The bond with nature will undoubtedly help designers make choices in their creative processes and secure the future of the planet. This event will inspire designers, artists, students and other creatives to incorporate nature into their creations.

artificial intelligence

Face: detector
Artificial intelligence is becoming more common in our world today, so let’s find out more about it. Presented by the University of Michigan – Taubman College, this interactive installation examines the computation, hidden assumptions, statistical calculations, and potential distortions of artificial intelligence. It might make you smile too! The installation’s facial recognition technology and algorithms measure and react to your emotions in real time while you enjoy a scoop of ice cream!

Neon sculpture

Moments of immersion
This exhibition shows the work of the designer Yazmin Dababneh, who uses the digital documentation of physical sculptures and nature and translates it into immersive film installations. The sculptures are fascinating because they look familiar and yet peculiar at the same time.

Find out more about the Detroit Month of Design and plan your visit to explore all that the city has to offer in this fun and creatively engaging month.

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