Desperate for a Trip? Here Are the Questions to Ask Before You Go.

“Many of our guests were reluctant to come here at first,” said Jason Kycek, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Casa de Campo. “Many were borderline ready to cancel.”

Mr. Malbon said his family felt safe during the vacation. “There were five other families in the entire water park,” he said. “You could do the rides as often as you wanted.”

Of course, the length it takes people to be sure can still backfire. My doctor in Greenwich, Connecticut told me about three couples who flew back on a private plane from Aspen, Colorado after a ski trip, and all six subsequently tested positive for the coronavirus. It turned out that they had been infected from the person who owned the plane.

Choosing a hotel is even more complicated. Hotels of the same brand can have different owners or management companies. Therefore, the Covid-19 protocols can be very different in two resorts using the same brand.

Sarah Eustis is the managing director of Main Street Hospitality, which owns or manages nine hotels in the northeast, including the historic Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and the Hammetts Hotel in Newport, RI. She traveled to Boca Grande, Florida with her husband last week to escape the gloomy Massachusetts winter.

“We are in the hospitality industry and we find the protocols work,” said Ms Eustis. “You can go to restaurants and be safe. But friendship and family lines are drawn on this issue. “

She said she was only moderately concerned about Covid-19 while traveling. But, she said, there is something that many people on both sides of this issue do not recognize.

“People with funds can fly through combat,” said Ms. Eustis. “I just had a massage and I felt completely safe. I had my mask on and so did the masseuse. Having the opportunity to decompress after a very stressful year is a real privilege. “

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