DEDRAFT Adds a Green Extension To Renovated London Home

DEDRAFT recently completed the AR Residence project which includes the renovation and extension of a townhouse in Walthamstow, London. The back yard offered enough space for a one-story extension on the ground floor, which also corresponded to the depth of the neighboring extension and left enough space for the garden to breathe. The creative owners, an illustrator and librarian, opted for an extension that stands out against a sea of ​​secular structures. Their love of the color green led DEDRAFT to choose a matte, dusty green to cover the specially folded aluminum panel system that wraps the new addition. Vertical slats protrude from the metal surfaces to give the exterior facade depth and at the same time improve the character.

The extension rests on a concrete foundation, which also forms a terrace with two built-in benches.

The additional space allows for a new kitchen and dining room with exposed structural Douglas fir ceiling beams. A skylight above brings in natural light, as do the windows and doors that connect to the garden, throwing patterns of shadow and light everywhere.

The new interior is designed with concrete tiles and light gray concrete tiles on the walls that serve as the backdrop for the light gray and birch plywood kitchen cabinets.

A new bathroom is being relocated on the first floor with a window to the rear of the house which naturally illuminates the green tiled space.

A new oak staircase connects the first floor with the converted attic, which now serves as an illustration studio.

Rear view before adding + renovation

Photos by Nick Dearden.

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