Concrete Collaborative Unveils Playfully Patterned Tiles From Alex Proba

Fresh from successful collaborations with Cooler Gallery and Sarah Sherman Samuel, Concrete Collaborative from California, has just presented their latest version. Known for its modern concrete and terrazzo tiles and paving stones, Concrete Collaborative is expanding its Strands collection to include tiles with encaustic patterns that add an architectural touch to traditional cement tiles. The Aurora collection was designed by New York-based multidisciplinary designer Alex Proba, whose work is hard to fall in love with. Inspired by trips to Morocco, Proba brings her signature shapes and colors to the extensive collection, which includes 26 playful tile designs that you can mix and match to create a million different layout options.

Like the rest of the Strands series, the Aurora collection can be used in both wet and dry areas, in high-traffic commercial or residential areas, as well as on the floor, on walls or in the shower.

Alex Proba

Art direction and visualization by Francesco Maria Lucini and Ariel Palanzone.

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