Color Customizable Refrigerators, Nanoparticle Radio + More

1. LeGrow Desktop Garden
Imagine putting together a modular houseplant system that interlocks like LEGO bricks, but is also designed for watering, maintaining ideal humidity, and automatically providing additional growth lighting.

2. LACMA x Snapchat: Monumental Perspectives
Do you miss going to museums as much as we do? While this is no substitute for the slow contemplative joys of walking through a gallery, we praise the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art’s efforts to think outside the box. LACMA’s partnership with Snapchat has resulted in five new outdoor augmented reality monuments in Los Angeles, each visible with the Snapchat camera.

3. Apple TV 4K color balance
Among the many new products announced at Apple’s Spring Forward event – including the eye candy of the colorful new M1-powered iMacs – the announcement that caught our attention was linked to the new Apple TV 4K. Along with a vastly improved remote control and high frame rate HDR, Apple introduced a very novel and really useful option that uses the iPhone 12 as a TV color calibration tool and optimizes color and contrast by placing the front-facing camera on the front of the TV .

4. LeMond Prolog electric bike
Greg LeMond’s name is the only USA team to have won the Tour de France. It is synonymous with the most famous cycling race in the world. But now he is making electric bicycles that aim to offer slim and easy-to-use lightweight carbon city bikes that are supported by a Mahle eBikeMotion X35 + electric lift motor that allows you to pedal at speeds of up to 32 km / h.

5. Galaxy upcycling at home
By now you’ve probably upgraded from one phone to a new one several times over the years and you may have a spare part just standing around collecting dust. Samsung wants you to revive your older Galaxy smartphone and turn it into an IoT home sensor device. The new SmartThings app uses the sound and light control functions of the Galaxy device and turns them into a child care monitor, a solution for animal care and integration with home lighting.

6. Atom keyboard
If you’re looking for a mechanical audible click keyboard that has enough key travel to bring back memories of your computer lab day, but don’t want a huge, full-size model, this compact 60% RGB keyboard really is for the PC user (it works also with Macs, albeit with limited functions). The Atom is marketed for gamers, but we’ve found that its tactile and audible feedback gives a very satisfactory amount of feedback when working from home for almost any task.

7. Samsung bespoke refrigerators
Are we finally moving away from the tired, limited palette of brushed metal surfaces in the kitchen? We hope so. Samsung’s online color matching is even more exciting as the Korean brand offers new hues in a choice of modular sizes that range from slim to double-door, accommodating both smaller and larger kitchens and everything in between.

8. Houseplant turntable
It’s probably impossible not to imagine Seth Rogen’s hearty laugh accompanied by the opening of the lid of Houseplant’s newest drop, a co-branding made in collaboration with turntable specialist Pro-Ject. In contrast to many entry-level brands for end users, the T1 Record Player is real, without plastic parts and with a one-piece aluminum tonearm.

9. Solar Quartz by Vincent Leroy
Parisian artist Vincent Leroy has been busy installing an unusual array of low-tech works of art set alongside distant natural environments with stunning results. His latest track, Solar Quartz, resembles a spinning spacecraft that fell into the desert, with a repeating soundtrack made up of sound samples recorded in space.

10. Ferrofluid Display Cell bluetooth speaker
Artist Dakd Jung uses the strange properties of ferrofluid (liquid containing magnetic nanoparticles) to visualize music with malevolent viscous veracity.

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