Cold Brew Coffee Kit, 3D Printed Planters +More

1. The ideal city: exploring the urban future
As the pandemic has brought international travel to a standstill, I have spent more than a few daydreams in the past few months thinking about which cities to (re) visit after returning from free travel. In doing so, I have also reflected on the successes, shortcomings and growing needs of urban centers around the world, taking into account not only the global impact of a post-pandemic world, but also the evolving challenges attributed to climate change. The Ideal City: Exploring Urban Futures offers a hopeful and holistic view of the roles architecture, design, technology and governance play in realizing urban centers that directly address these challenges and provides an optimistic spirit. What I liked most about curating SPACE10 on the pages of their book is that they devoted much of the book to the real world and completed efforts from around the world. They offer numerous customizable solutions while realizing that there is no one size fits all. fits all approaches to the realization of an ideal city.

2. UMÉ mini soaps
The eroded and angular silhouettes of these hand-poured soaps remind me of earthen skyscrapers … and a little bit of the shape of lip balm / lipstick after it’s been used regularly. The marbled swirl of lavender soap is my favorite in the color of the bundle, but Dirty Grapefruit – scented with white grapefruit, honeydew melon, and mango seed butter – reads like my ideal list of aromatherapy fragrances.

3. Andy Apps
I can’t be alone in saying that after years of having the same app ideas flare up again with minimal effort and attention to the aesthetic experience, I’m ready for apps that and at the same time don’t give up the traps of flat 2D graphics return completely The skeuomorphic tropics of early web and app development … something like the playful dimensionality that this little suite of info apps suggests: weather, times and calculator.

4. Minimum design of 3D printed planters
When I’m not behind the keyboard, I’m probably gardening, tending to my collection of houseplants, or buying plant-related accessories. I recently “clad” part of my family with chlorophyll growth in a pair of sculptural 3D printed planters from Minimum Design. The sculptural designs differ significantly from the planters in garden centers and are fascinating with or without plants. Printed in France using a bioplastic made from recycled wood and corn starch, they reminded me of the pleasant pleated passions of another designer I have long admired.

5. ESPRO Cold Brew Coffee Kit
In warm weather, I switched from a Chemex infusion to preparing my morning cup of good morning with this cold brewing system. I like it because it takes minimal effort to make a ridiculous amount of cold brew concentrate that tastes great when poured over ice (or in some cases shaken in a bar shaker with a large ice cube, a tablespoon of sugar, and some cocoa powder becomes). The result is a low key appearance where the 12 to 24 hour cold brew process brings out subtle and sweet notes overnight, leaving spicy bitter and sour aromas somewhere in its 2 filter system.

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