Cloudnola’s New Mirrors Are Ready to Expand Your Space

Cloudnolas latest mirror collection tick all the boxes: minimal, modern and fresh. Make a room bigger by adding a large mirror or grouping multiple mirrors together to create an eye catcher for a strong design statement. We are drawn to the leather dresses that some of them have, such a simple but thoughtful touch. Which is your favorite

Reflect white mirror
The Reflect Mirror series was inspired by fashion. Note the leather cord detail above which allows the 15.75-inch mirror to be hung on the wall with a single screw or nail. Choose between pink, white or black to add a fun touch to your space.

Table mirror with pink base

Pink boo mirror
The perfect countertop accessory to use on your skin care routine or to take one last look at yourself when you run out the front door. The pink base adds a nice splash of color everywhere, but is also available in turquoise and black.

two table mirrors with turquoise and black bases

three multicolored round wall mirrors in the living room

Round mirror with gold mosaic XL
These tri-color mirrors are full of personality and ready to be the focal point of any room. With both the regular size gold and rose options and the XL gold version, this unique geometric piece looks wonderful on its own or in a group.

three organically shaped wall mirrors

Stone Mirror Smoke, Rock Mirror Clear + Rock Mirror Rose
The designs of the Stone and Rock family of wall mirrors were inspired by nature. Three subtle stone-like shapes – in smoke, clear and rose – with leather hanging straps could be just what your space needs to feel finished.

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