Clever Ep. 148: Entrepreneurial Raconteur John Edelman

In this episode of the Clever podcast, Amy Devers speaks to former Design Within Reach CEO and business consultant, John Edelman. John grew up on a horse farm in Connecticut. As the youngest of 6 years old, his childhood was full of love, surrounded by his parents’ big dreams, in a house full of visitors, from Andy Warhol to fashion managers. A hustler and daredevil from a young age, he excelled at turning cars and riding dirt bikes, but struggled at school. After college, John joined the family’s leather business, sorted buffalo hides in Thailand, worked for his brother at Esprit, and lived in Brazil to work in the shoe shop. From 2010 to 2019 John was CEO of Design Within Reach, during his tenure he led the company out of a downward spiral, made it the world leader in authentic design and carried out a highly regarded sale to Herman Miller. John’s life, co-founder of Fourth & Pride Vodka, has been one great story after another – from adventure to romance, from hardships to triumphs and an equally exciting future. Listen:

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