Clarifion Air Filter Review – These Purifiers Beat Out the Rest

Stop suffering from indoor air pollution and allergens today with Clarifion Air Purifier. Clarifion Air Purifier uses revolutionary ion technology to instantly absorb harmful pollutants, positively charge particles like dust, allergens, pet dander, smoke, and mold spores so that they easily slip through the filters. 

In this Clarifion Air Filter review you will learn how several of these products plugged into your outlets home will transform your indoor air breathing.

Highlights of Clarifion Air Ionizer

Removes bacteria & viruses

Reduces allergens

Relieves congestion

Chemical free

Reduce asthma

Cleans air

Easy to install, just plug and go

No maintenance – no filters or upkeep

Low noise and energy consumption

The Clarifion plug in is available on Amazon.  It has over 3200 customer ratings with 56% of customers rating the product 5 starsclick to read reviews!!

How Does Clarifion Work?

Ionic air purifiers keep your indoor home clean & fresh by using ionic technology – it generates negative ions with positive energy that stick to harmful particles like dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke, mold spores, pollen, and pet hairs. 

The negatively charged ions attach to the pollutants and remove them from your indoor air.  So if you’re asking the question, “Does Clarifion reduce dust?” – These negative ions bond to airborne pollutants and make them heavy.  They will then fall to the ground or on top of surfaces to be easily swept or vacuumed up. 

It’s easy to use, even easier to maintain, and the results are dramatic-more than a 100% reduction in allergens.

How Clarifion Air Purifier Plug in is Different From an Air Purifier

Compared to a typical air purifier that uses filters, the Clarifion air ionizer works different.  The typical air purifier uses a fan that draws air in through some sort of filter.  Filters are designed differently capturing various sizes of bacteria and pollutants.

They can be very effective but the downside with air purifiers that use filters is there’s some maintenance involved.  You will need to replace filters or possible clean filters.  Ionizers such as the Clarifion air cleaner use ionizers that bond to objects in your air.

A Clarifion air purifier works silently and automatically, without maintenance or extra energy costs. Just plug it in, set the settings, and watch as it cleans your entire home.

Basic Operating Tips

How many do you need?  It’s a good idea to purchase more than one and use 2 per room for the standard sized home of 1800 sq feet or so.  

How do you clean them?  The easiest way to clean these plug in units is to use compressed air that you typically use to clean your keyboards

Operating time:  These units should run continuously and should last up to 3 year

The Clarifion plug in is available on Amazon.  It has over 3200 customer ratings with 56% of customers rating the product 5 starsclick to read reviews!!

Benefits of Clarifion Unit

Cleaning the air in your office or home can be a real chore. With the Clarifion air puriifer plug in you can enjoy clean fresh air anywhere.  With a patented process, Clarifion guarantees that you’ll be breathing in less polluting air than ever before. 

With Clarifion, you no longer have to endure smelly office air or dirty and smelly home air. There’s no more guesswork when it comes to keeping allergies under control. Your air purifiers will help keep allergens in check, ensuring you and your family stay safe from all kinds of allergy symptoms. 

Some people suffer allergic reactions to dust and various other airborne irritants, while others suffer from asthma attacks due to the dust and other allergens in the air. A Clarifion air purifier is perfect for allergy sufferers, keeping them free and clear of all allergens.  

Thanks for reading this Clarifion Air Filter review and leave a comment if you’ve purchased one and tell us how you like it.

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