Clare Founder Nicole Gibbons Divulges Her Fave Plant + Best Neutral

Clare Founder and CEO Nicole Gibbons is an interior designer and entrepreneur best known for her fresh use of colors and fashionable decoration. Before she got into interior design, however, she spent nearly a decade managing PR for one of the largest retail brands in the world. Nicole’s experience has given her first-hand knowledge of what it takes to build a world-class brand, as well as unique insights into what customers want when it comes to the design of their home. Her work and expertise has been sought by top media outlets such as HGTV, OWN, TLC, Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens and more.

Nicole’s work in the design world enabled her to see that the coatings industry was ripe for upheaval. With a broken shopping experience and not a single paint brand focused on convenience and simplicity – or marketing for a creative, digitally-driven generation – she saw an opportunity to improve the process from start to finish. Nicole founded Clare to help people create spaces they love – while actually enjoying the process.

Today Nicole is there for Friday Five!

Splotch of greige on a white background


1. The perfect neutral paint color, penthouse
This is the most noticeable color in my home and is used in my entryway and living room. A beautiful light greige shade with a sophisticated feel, Penthouse is our best-selling neutral at Clare. This makes my room feel so calm and grounded, which is so important now that I spend ALL my time at home! This is a neutral choice that I always recommend because it looks great in any room, combines beautifully with any color, and works regardless of the natural light in your home.

four bottles of Black Girl Magic wine lined up in a row

2. Black girl magic
I really came to appreciate a good glass of wine at the end of a long day. I love Black Girl Magic Chardonnay from the McBride Sisters. They are a black owned winery founded by two long lost sisters who grew up in different countries and were united later in life, united by their mutual love for wine, and founded this company together.

NPR How I built this logo on a black background

3. How I built this on top of NPR
The McBride Sisters have the most incredible backstory that is the subject of a two-part post on my favorite podcast – How I Built This – which interviews successful entrepreneurs and innovators and shares the inspiring stories behind starting their businesses.

brown-skinned man in an opulently furnished room

4. Masego’s Lady Lady
I’ve listened to a lot of Masego’s 2018 album Lady Lady. It’s a mood! I grew up listening to jazz and Masego’s music is like a smooth, melodic modern R&B / jazz fusion that is so smooth and easy to hear. And he’s super talented. He sings, plays the saxophone, piano and drums! I like to listen to this while working from home to keep the momentum going throughout the day.

Philodendron plant in a matt black planter

The threshold

5. My philodendron
I love having greenery and plants around, and my favorite plant baby is a philodendron from The Sill that I kept alive for THREE years! Definitely a record for me and a proud plant mom moment as someone who historically had an infamous brown thumb!

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