Chrissa Amuah Designs Textiles Inspired by Ghanaian Symbology

The designer Chrissa Amuah has always lived with “a feeling of duality”. The daughter of Ghanaian parents, she was born in London, but considers herself a “daughter of Ghana”. Her travels back to her parents’ motherland inspired her latest textile collection, which she aptly named the Duality Collection, for Bernhardt Design.

Ghanaian culture is rich in layers, colors, meanings, textures, and symbols. Amuah’s roots have shaped the patterns and colors of the Duality Collection.

While traveling to Ghana, I saw these symbols engraved on the surfaces of everyday life, from jewelry to architecture. So my design vision naturally evolved. I’ve seen Ghanaian symbology provide an opportunity to create a design blueprint that is contemporary and beautiful, but also has an underlying meaning – a meaning that consciously or unconsciously sends empowering messages.

While Amuah’s collection is very personal, it can transform the Adrinka symbolism into something that is abstract, sophisticated, and more accessible to modern interiors. The Duality collection includes six patterns in 56 colors: Aya, inspired by an Adrinka symbol for fern; Still a finely woven solid that pairs with Aya; Ink named after Amuah’s experiments with drizzle ink on walnut veneer; Cozy, a matt bouclé that conveys peace and quiet; Sella, inspired by a traditional Ghanaian stool called Assesgua; and finally touch, a finely structured solid that is more interesting than typical fabrics.

Designer Chrissa Amuah

Designer Chrissa Amuah

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