Chet Callahan + Ghislaine Viñas Reimagine an 1895 Los Feliz Estate Into Vibrant Home

After we teamed up Chet Callahans last home in Los Angeles, interior designer Ghislaine Viñas was asked to return for further collaboration. This project is a historic 1895 property in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA known as the Cummings Estate. After the architect Callahan and his husband Jacinto Hernandez bought the Spanish colonial residence, it was time to plan a major restoration, expansion and modernization taking into account the original features.

The layout is now open, with the kitchen moved to the center, allowing for views of the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory.

View into the living room through the entrance area

Viñas worked on the design for two years, carefully curating a living home to match her last one. The Dutch designer, who grew up in South Africa and is based in New York City, is known for her bold and adventurous designs that are a perfect match for the homeowners of the art collectors. Two Michael Anastassiades pendant lights add a sculptural element to the upper part of the room, while smaller pieces, like the one from the Haas Brothers on the metal coffee table, add visually appealing accents to areas throughout the house.

Corner living room with carts filled with modern furniture and art

modern yellow chair in the corner with circular art on the wall

A yellow club chair by Pierre Paulin sits in a corner in the entrance of the house, adding a bold, modern element between the original wood details.

Entrance area with a view of the pink dining room

Dining room with pink velvet chairs

Entrance area with stairs and a view of the dining room

modern entrance with mirror art and modern furnishings

The entrance area is also brightened up with a green Zieta mirror hanging over a white marble console table.

red bathroom with neon light

white kitchen with Oprah saying on the wall in red

Dining area with a light green table and chairs

Wall art of the lower half of the faces of five people

Dining area with light green furniture and eye-catching art

Paintings by Derrick Adams adorn the white walls and light furniture such as the mint table and Modernica chairs.

Dining area with light green furniture and eye-catching art

View from the kitchen into the dining area

View from the kitchen into a sitting area

Seating area with a purple chair and woven pendants

Library room with woven tags

Looking down through the floors with blue stairs

a curved staircase with bright blue and geometric graphics

A bright blue carpet complements a geometric mural that leads up the curved staircase.

a curved staircase with bright blue and geometric graphics

modern cabinet with fuzzy blue chair and sculptural attachment

casual seating area at the end of the stairs

white bedroom with lavender details

Corner bedroom with fireplace, chair, and art

modern white vanity

Outside terrace in front of the bathroom

Bathroom with modern oval shelf

Main bathroom with white vanity and bathtub

Corner bathroom with tub and toilet

Outside space leading to the outdoor dining area

Exterior of the Spanish colonial estate with modern glass addition

two people in the living room

Architect Chet Callahan and Interior Design Ghislaine Viñas

Photos by Garrett Rowland.

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