Cara Woodhouse Reveals Her Secret Hobby

Design is clearly Cara Woodhouse’s passion, luckily it is her job too. Cara Woodhouse Interiors is a full-service design firm based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She strives to find the perfect balance in every space and is very happy with working with designs to make her dreams a reality. Cara’s design services include architectural consulting, contract management, room planning, material and surface selection, custom furniture, as well as mill work and antiques. She has worked on projects in Miami, New York, the Hamptons, Boston, Nantucket, Westchester, Los Angeles, London and beyond. Cara’s current projects include an apartment in Central Park West, the Playboy offices in Beverly Hills, a townhouse in Brooklyn, a townhouse in West Village, and a modern mid-century home in West Hollywood. She is also a brand ambassador for various interior design companies and a world-famous social media influencer.

Today Cara comes to us for Friday Five!

Amalfi coast

Photo courtesy Vogue

1. Amalfi Coast
When it comes to Italy, my heart skips a beat! The Amalfi Coast is by far one of my favorite places in the world. It always inspires me from the architecture, culture, food and everything in between. Most of my travels have also inspired my own work and designs.


Larose Guyon

2. Amazing lighting
Lighting for interior designers is like the ultimate accessory and ornament for an interior space. There are so many incredible lighting designers out there with the most beautiful and creative designs. I really think it’s such a key factor indoors – it’s well worth the investment!


Joseph Dirand architecture

3. Inspiring architects + designers
I’m always so inspired by other designers and architects and their incredible work. There is so much room in this creative space to feed one another and celebrate each other’s individual work and talents. This particular space from Joseph Dirand Architecture is one of my favorites.


4. 19th century US postage stamps
Okay, I’m gonna share a big secret with everyone! I am an avid 19th century stamp collector. My mother had given me my grandfather’s stamp collection when I was younger, and I was obsessed with these beautiful stamps. They are full of history and beauty. They are like little works of art!

Wife and sons

5. My boys
My children are my life. They are little extensions of my husband and me and they are the most beautiful little souls. I am in awe of them every day. They make our lives so complete in every way and I love spending time with them – thank my lucky stars for my boys and husband!

Works by Cara Woodhouse Interiors:

Hallway and bathroom



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