Can We Learn Anything From Horses?

Dr. Croney, previously unfamiliar with Equus, added, “We don’t want to beat up what they do.”

Humans can “certainly influence” the behavior of horses, she said. “But it doesn’t reflect any inherent quality in us, I say.”

Still, it is possible, said Dr. Croney suggests that people outside of the formal traps of leadership exercises, for example, can benefit from just spending time in the presence of animals. This is a premise of the “biophilic hypothesis” that humans are naturally drawn to nature.

“My animal behavior work has made me a far better teacher,” she said.

When working with sheep, Dr. Croney: “Everything scares sheep.” She has to be calm and composed. noticing what the sheep are doing; Take stock of the environment they are in and even see what they see “so I understand what will affect them”.

“As long as the animals are comfortable, they are in an environment that makes them feel safe and secure, and you have the opportunity to sit and watch them – or better yet, interact safely with them – all of these are fantastic opportunities. ” She said.

When asked what exactly Equus does, Ms. Wendorf usually answered with starry eyes and expansively: “We create the conditions for groundbreaking learning processes so that you can lead the life you have always dreamed of,” she said.

But the thriving value to her and Mr. Strachan could be that in starting a business that relies on contemplative horse watching, they have found a way to continually improve their skills that make them better than the average person at dealing with all the unpredictable , make animals shy – including people who want to improve at all costs.

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