Bringing Moonlight Indoors With Gingko’s New Smart Moon Lamp

You don’t have to be outdoors or next to a window to enjoy this moonlight. Of Gingko design, the Smart moon lamp brings cosmic magic into your home. This gravity-defying moon lamp “floats” over a wooden base and rotates like the real elliptical moon, while it emits a cool white light all the time. The secret of its design is the strong built-in magnet that hangs the PLA 3D printed ball.

The full moon of the Smart Moon Lamp has a structured surface like that of the real object, which gives it a lifelike appearance, and has three light modes (warm white, white and warm yellow) that you can switch depending on the desired ambience. The wooden base is also available in white walnut or ash. No matter what day of the month it is, you can always have the glow of a beautiful full moon in your home.

floating moonlight

floating moonlight on the shelf

floating moonlight on the table

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