Blue Green Works’ Lighting Collection Launches at Casa Perfect

Studio in New York Blue-green plants have released them Palm series and fiber series, these are minimal lighting collections available at The Future Perfect. Blue Green was founded in 2020 and combines carefully hand-formed materials with precise metalworking.

Palm pendant

The opening collection was designed around ideas of escape and refuge, fitting the context of the passing COVID pandemic. The textures and materials used evoke a feeling of refuge and leisure, paired with shapes that are reminiscent of paradisiacal retreats.

The Palm series takes its shape from the beach modernity of Fire Island Pines, using hand-rolling techniques combined with oven-sunken glass and precision-machined metal to create subtle textures that are contrasted by the strict lines of the metal. The Fiber Series consists of raw fiberglass panes that are illuminated by open, hand-blown glass spheres.

Palm pendant

Palm pendant

Palm wall lamp

Palm floor lamp

Fiber pendant small

Fiber pendants great

Fiber wall lamp

Photos by Chris Mottalini.
Styling by Noemi Bonazzi.

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