Better of the Greatest! Prime 10 Posts of 2020

10. A modern Austin home with a pool that bisects the house
In search of peace and quiet, a client hired Ravel Architecture to design a private home on a remote street in Austin, Texas. The project, named M1700 House, involved finding a space for a full-size lap pool in a challenging location with a 25-foot change in elevation. To solve the problem, the architects placed the pool so that it bisected the house, separating the private areas from the public.

9. Former Apple engineer designs futuristic cannabis water pipe with kinetic movement
With 11 years of experience as a senior technical specialist at Apple, Tracey Huston’s background has centered on solving a variety of challenges in the modern and digital realm, a background not typically associated with reshaping the age-old pastime of smoking. Huston applied a similar attention to detail when creating Stündenglass, a curious and intriguing device that delivers smooth and steamy draws with an hourglass flip.

8. Enhance a simple bathroom with 20 modern accessory options
While not everyone can do a major renovation, incorporating new modern accessories into any room can transform it into a space that you enjoy spending time in. We decided to use my bathroom for inspiration and went on an internet dive to find something cool things like artwork, shelves, toiletries, planters, items and linens that make any simple bathroom a much happier place.

7. 10 minimalist modern zoom backgrounds for virtual meetings
With we all clinging to Zoom calls day and night, it seems a certain amount of professional decency has gone out of the window, and now the boundaries have been pushed to allow for a certain amount of creative license. To get you started, we scoured Design Milk’s archives to find some modern interiors that can offer aesthetic diversity without introducing unnecessary distractions. If you’re looking for a modern zoom background, we’ll share ten of our favorites (and three not-so-minimalist options for after hours).

6. Camira + SEAQUAL Turn Ocean Plastic into upholstery fabric
Yorkshire-based British textile manufacturer Camira has teamed up with the SEAQUAL initiative, which turns plastic waste extracted from the sea by fishermen into yarn to create the industry’s first furniture fabric to contain ocean plastic. We met with Camiras Group Design Manager Ciara Crossan to find out more.

5. Desktop background: January 2020
To get off to a good start with our Designer Desktop Column 2020 on the right foot, we’ve brought some zen into your life with this calm escape wallpaper designed by Calico Wallpaper in collaboration with artist and sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo. The collection is available in six colors and shows the glacier movements that shape landscapes. Paired with a matching quote from Georgia O’Keefe, these wallpapers are really nice to look at when you open your laptop or pick up your phone.

Holmström modern cat house

4. The cat apartment gives cats a home with 10 things that make them happy
In addition to the basic needs for food, water and a place to go to the toilet, the first Swedish cat psychologist Susanne Hellman Holmström outlined ten other necessities that cats need in order to be happy: scratching, cleaning their fur, hiding , look to his territory, play, sleep, hunt, spy, discover and socialize. This list can be difficult to achieve for some domestic cats because many people live in smaller spaces. To combat this problem, Hellman Holmström, in collaboration with interior designer Eleonor Moschevitz, developed The Cat Flat – a modern cat house – for 24Storage.

3. The Moon coffee maker is dripping with caffeine and cuteness
Our coffee-obsessed team is constantly researching new roasting and cooking methods inspired by a love of the roasted bean. This partly explains our fascination with the Moon Coffee Maker by Israeli designer Roee Ben Yehuda, an espresso machine that has been reinterpreted with a friendlier steampunk-meets-kawaii aesthetic. The result is a device that is designed to present a less intimidating front than the complexity of a traditional espresso machine.

Helmet for SpaceX Spacesuit Design

2. The design of the SpaceX spacesuit explained
On Saturday, May 30th at 3:22 p.m., we got a glimpse into the future of space travel for a wonderful moment. The successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 reorbital missile system, which transports the Crew Dragon to the International Space Station, was historic when NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were successfully dispatched to a privately developed spacecraft. The mission also revealed the next generation of astronautical clothing, the SpaceX spacesuit.

1. The coolest modern day RVs, trailers and RVs
Whether you are the casual camper looking for something small to take to your next campsite or you are looking for a premium Xpedition vehicle with no cost savings, we have it for you. We’ve tracked down some of our favorite recreational vehicles that take away the signature aesthetics they are generally known for, and focus on the modern day variety that keeps popping up as people look to escape. Click the link above to see seven of our favorite modern day RVs, XVs, RVs, and Caravans.

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