Artistic Response Lab CEO Antionette Carroll

On this episode of the Clever podcast, host Amy Devers talks to designer Antionette Carroll, who was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a natural born leader who has served a mission from day one. She is the founder of the Creative Reaction Lab, a nonprofit that trains and employs youth to tackle racial and health inequalities that affect the black and Latin American populations. Antionette has pioneered an award-winning form of creative problem solving called Equity-Centered Community Design and has received multiple recognitions and awards in the process, including being named ADL and Aspen Institute Civil Society Fellow, TED Fellow, SXSW Community Service Honoree, and Essence Magazine Woke 100 , among many others. She’s a classic Taurus too, mother of twins, a fan of Mexican food, and a proud granddaughter! Listen:

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