Art of Play Turns Playing Cards Into Curiosities

Twin brothers Dan and Dave Buck became interested in playing cards at a young age, practicing card tricks and pioneering the art of carding. In 2013 they founded Art of Play as a boutique shop for designer playing cards. As students of design and architecture, they value both quality and detail, but also understand how quickly products can get expensive and feel unreachable. With playing cards, Dan and Dave can create a luxury product that people can afford. All Art of Play playing cards are made in the USA using paper sourced from sustainable forests and vegetable-based inks – a win for Mother Earth and your lower dollar. You may also notice their tuck box packaging popping off the shelf thanks to the use of vintage letterpress presses. Art of Play even hand-assembles each of their decks in San Diego, California. Dan and Dave’s background in dexterity, magic, and illusion made the brand’s expansion into puzzles and games a natural evolution. Today, Art of Play curates a collection of curiosities from around the world – from the world’s best playing cards to diabolical puzzles, innovative games, and magical amusements to take home with.

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