Armadillo Rugs’ Jodie Fried on Her Newest Creative Outlet + More

Photo courtesy Armadillo

Jodie Fried, together with business partner Sally Pottharst, is the visionary thinker and entrepreneur behind the carpets armadillo. While Jodie lives in Los Angeles, Sally works in Adelaide, Australia and they continue to design each Armadillo carpet collection together. A lifelong passion for craftsmanship, sustainability, and social change are at the forefront of the brand’s bold approach to creativity. Armadillo helps preserve the heritage and community of traditional artisans and also supports philanthropic efforts through the Armadillo Foundation. Jodie’s commitment to sustainability is evident across the brand, with the goal of treating the planet lightly.

Today Jodie is joining us for Friday Five!


Photo: Jodie Fried

1. Handmade objects
I will always be fascinated by the beauty of a handcrafted object. This year I’ve been looking at pottery as a creative outlet and it has helped me understand why I enjoy working with artisans so much. Whether ceramic bowl, piece of furniture or painting – there is real passion in their work. As soon as you touch it, you subconsciously feel connected to its history and the way into your home.

Mood board

Photo: Jodie Fried

2. Georgia O’Keeffe
I am a great admirer of the painter Georgia O’Keeffe. She was so far ahead of her time, not only in her artistic senses, but also as a self-made woman who lived in America 100 years ago. With true courage and determination, she remained true to her vision for many decades in the face of changing art trends. I am drawn to the raw beauty of their abstract landscapes – the colors are fascinating and so evocative, almost haunting.


Photo: Sam Frost Styling: Gena Sigala

3. Home as a place of refuge
As a designer, I draw a lot of inspiration from travel, but this year has really reinforced the importance of home as a haven to return to. The bedroom is my refuge – a space that is just as important in the waking state as in sleep; this is where we collect the energy for the day ahead and relax when it is time to retire. My essentials are natural light, nice bed linen and a touch of flora or fauna to soothe the senses.

rural landscape

Photo: Jodie Fried

4. Quiet life
A few years ago I was lucky enough to stay with Silent Living in Portugal to shoot one of Armadillo’s campaigns. Each of the hotels, designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus and run by hotelier João Rodrigues, is deeply rooted in the history and tradition of the country, yet extremely refined in its simplicity. It is a true sensory experience to stay there and bask in the meticulous attention to detail of the architecture and the interior. I would love to come back one day!

book on the table

Photo: Jodie Fried

5. The hidden life of the trees by Peter Wohlleben
This book totally captivated me. I think we all instinctively feel better when we’re immersed in nature or just surrounded by some greenery inside. Here the author delves into the science of how these living organisms communicate with each other, making the world the place we want to live, slowing down to appreciate it more day by day.

Works by Jodie Fried:

Dining table and stool in the living room

Dining room chair and table

Armchair and side table in front of the stairs

Bank and home decor

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