Apple’s New Devices Target Markets Led by Smaller Rivals

“We think it is entirely appropriate that Congress takes a closer look at Apple’s business practices,” said Prober.

Apple has come under tight controls over its App Store in recent years, including Apple’s practice of forcing apps to use its payment system, making it possible to earn up to 30 percent commission on many app sales.

These policies fueled billions in business, but also created regulatory issues for Apple, including Wednesday’s hearing and legislative battles in several states. Next month, Apple will compete against Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, which is suing Apple over its App Store policies.

As part of its Tuesday announcements, Apple announced that it had redesigned the podcast app, which now has millions of shows, up from 3,000 when Apple first launched the service 16 years ago. Starting next month, developers will be able to sell subscriptions to their podcasts, Apple said. It was unclear whether Apple would cut those sales, but that was its approach when it came to entering new industries, including apps, music, and news.

The subscription service will put Apple in an even more direct competition with Spotify, which has been working on its own podcast subscriptions. Spotify has been a leading critic of Apple for the past several years. The music service business relies on reaching listeners via iPhones and getting the company off Apple as the whim. Spotify has filed antitrust complaints against Apple in Europe and complained about the company to American regulators.

Apple also showed off a range of sleeker, faster, and more colorful iMacs. The desktop computers with 24-inch screens cost between $ 1,300 and $ 1,700. Apple also unveiled its new iPad Pro, a premium tablet with a sharper screen, faster speeds, and the ability to connect to 5G wireless networks. The iPad costs between $ 800 and $ 1,100.

Other announcements from Apple on Tuesday included an update to the branded credit card that spouses can use to build up loans together, as well as improvements to Apple TVs, such as: B. a new remote control and a faster processor, with which videos can be played more smoothly.

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