Angá Arquitectura Designs a Trendy Rental House in São Paulo, Brazil

Designed by Angá Arquitetura, Casa Patropi is a modern rental home that, despite its contemporary and eye-catching volume, blends in with its lush surroundings on Guaecá Beach on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil. The house is characterized by its calming color palette in green and blue, which is representative of the sea, mountains and vegetation. It has been designed to appeal to different tastes and is easy to rent out.

The house is characterized by two blocks: the private quarters and the social areas. The four bedrooms have large windows that point to the boundaries of the house for privacy. The furniture in the rooms is simple but welcoming, and is indicative of the tropical setting. It’s intended for short stays and includes support for suitcases, hangers for bags and hats, studio-designed bespoke dressers, end tables, beds, and colorful headboards that extend across the wall. The blue and green color palette is predominant throughout.

The bathrooms have ventilated skylights that allow natural light to flow through and provide an outlet for the shower steam.

The social areas are surrounded by glass doors which, when open, allow cross ventilation and the integration of the interior and exterior style of living. This area includes the living room, dining room, pool, TV room and covered terrace with barbecue, deck chairs and tables for meals. For these areas you can enjoy a view of the gardens and mountains.

The exterior of the house is covered in green tiles and the central tunnel is painted blue to complete the design job of a house that really blends in with its beautiful background.

Photos by Carolina Lacaz via BowerBird.

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