Amazon Strikes From Movie Trade’s Margins to the Mainstream

“These films came out again and again as number 1,” said Ms. Salke, referring to the performance of the films on Amazon Prime. “Every time we started one, the next one obscured the next. We trained our audiences to know that we would have great original films that are more commercial on Prime Video. It’s a bit of a “if you build it, they’ll come” strategy. “

But what happens to this plan when the pandemic is over and studios are no longer ready to sell their films to streaming platforms?

Amazon has around 34 films in various stages of production around the world, and Ms. Salke said the company is determined to spend more than $ 100 million on a production if it is earned. (Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is stepping down as general manager of the company later that year, but the studio doesn’t expect much of a change if Andy Jassy takes over the reins.) The Culver City, Calif. Complex is still under construction and under construction when anyway, investments have increased. Ms. Salke points to Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming film about Lucy and Desi Arnaz, with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as a potential hit. There’s also George Clooney’s “The Tender Bar” with Ben Affleck and a romantic LGBTQ drama called “My Policeman” with Harry Styles and Emma Corrin (“The Crown”).

“The new news is that in the future we will be adopting some larger, self-generated projects,” she said.

In Ms. Salke’s eyes, this was always where Amazon Film would land. And there is a renewed confidence in her attitude as she celebrates her third anniversary as head of the studio. In addition to her recent acquisition, she has entered into general content deals with Mr. Jordan and actor and musician Donald Glover, which she believes will reinforce her mission to improve Amazon’s reputation as a talent-friendly place. With its healthy subscription base, Amazon attracts those in Hollywood interested in the company’s global reach, but also curious about the company’s other companies that have the potential to grow a star’s brand beyond film and television.

For one, Mr Jordan said his general content deal would allow him to explore areas that other studios can’t: fashion, music, and podcasts in particular. One example was his portrayal of the physical incarnation of Amazon Alexa during a Super Bowl ad.

And Ms. King loved how widespread Amazon’s marketing of her movie was when she signed up on the company’s e-commerce website.

“When I’m on Amazon buying dog bags and my movie shows up on the top, that’s pretty amazing,” she said. “That’s like, wow! Every day I get a text from someone who saw the movie who probably wouldn’t have seen it if it hadn’t shown up in their shopping queue. “

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