Amazon, Apple and Google Reduce Off Parler, an App That Drew Trump Supporters

Other platforms hosting posts from right-wing influencers, including CloutHub and MyMilitia – a forum for militia groups – recently updated their terms of service to ban threats of violence.

DLive has been pressured by Tipalti, a payment company that supports the operation. Tilpati said in a statement that it was ceasing to operate until DLive removed the accounts that broadcast the riots on Wednesday.

Those third party companies that support apps and websites, from payment processors to cybersecurity companies to web hosting providers like Amazon, have used their positions to influence how their customers deal with extremist or criminal activity. In 2019, Cloudflare, a company that protects websites from cyberattacks, delivered the death knell to 8chan, an anonymous online message board that hosted a mass shooter’s manifesto, by ceasing protection for the website. After Cloudflare pulled out of 8chan, the site made an effort to find other service providers who could keep them active.

Parler could face the same problem now as there was no way to host its website, especially as the company suddenly went pariah after Wednesday’s uprising, which was partly planned for Parler. Amazon had been under pressure from its own employees and at least one member of Congress before helping Parler, and other companies might fear unwanted attention if they went into business.

BuzzFeed News first reported on Amazon’s decision to end support for Parler.

If Parler is able to find a provider and resume service, it will still be difficult to find new users without a place in the major app stores. Apple’s decision prevents iPhone owners from downloading the Parler app. People who already have the app can still use it – once it’s back online – but their versions of the app will soon be out of date when Apple updates the iPhone software.

Google cut Parler out of its flagship Android app store, but it also allows apps to be downloaded from elsewhere, so Android users can still find the Parler app, just with a little more work. When Parler finds a new web hosting provider, their website will also be available through web browsers on phones and computers.

After Apple gave the company 24 hours to improve its moderation to avoid being removed from the App Store, Parler appeared to have attempted to remove some posts that appeared to be asking for violence.

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