Aimee Wilder on Sharing the Fantastic thing about Sample

This week’s DMTV Milkshake guest is Aimee Wilder, founder and creative director of her homonymous line of home decor and accessories.

New York native Aimee Wilder started her brand in 2009 after reworking her art illustrations as wall coverings that took the design world by storm, eventually ending up her staff positions at big names like Martha Stewart, Dwell Studio and The Gap. She now makes editorial wallpaper, tiles, carpets, pillows and more, many of which share her distinctive sense of playful exuberance – symbolized by print-oriented wallpapers such as the Monsteric-Leaf Deliciosa Bungalow and the giant gold vending machines from Big Robots.

In this issue of DMTV Milkshake, we spoke to Wilder about Martha Stewart’s color library, Wilder’s ideal wallpaper and her favorite era of wallpaper: “I like all eras – I love the 60s and 70s, but the one that resonates with me is mostly in the 1920s Years, ”she tells us. “In the 1920s, the use of decorative elements and metallics resulted in an enormous change compared to its predecessor. It works for what we do with metallics and also for clean motifs. The shapes help me think about the uses and shapes we have now. “

Wilder also shares her thoughts on where her brand will go next. “I’m definitely in fashion – I think it’s really fun,” says Wilder. “With the brand, I think the best thing we should focus on is home decor – it was my first love and exactly what the brand should be. That is why we want to focus on home decor as much as possible before we come into fashion. It could be a licensing project that will help us get into fashion. “Right now, however, she’s focused on releasing the Apogee collection of flooring:” The idea of ​​offering products that fit the entire home, not just the walls, is very exciting for me. “

Diana Ostrom, who has written for Wallpaper, Interior Design, ID, the Wall Street Journal, and other outlets, is also the author of Faraway Places, a newsletter about travel.

Milkshake, the first regular series from DMTV (Design Milk TV), shakes up the traditional interview format by asking designers, creatives, educators and industry professionals to randomly select interview questions from their favorite bowl or container. During their open discussions, you will not only get an insight into their personal housewares collections, but also valuable insights into their work, life and passions.

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