Afterlife Recyclable Furnishings Is Round Design at Its Greatest

Circular design and lifestyle company Supernovas has teamed up with Dutch design studio Odd Matter to bring Afterlife, an easy-to-assemble line of furniture made entirely from recycled plastic. The line includes multifunctional boxes and benches that can be used alone or stacked at home or at work and come in unique colors. Fresh new color variants are released throughout the year according to the available waste streams. Both boxes and benches come in flat packs that are recycled and recyclable.

The Odd Matter design process begins with the materials, which then determine the design and aesthetics. The studio has an innate talent for colors and materials, which makes them the ideal partner to develop a product that transforms waste into beauty and takes functionality out of the ordinary.

– Supernova’s founder Massimiliano Rossi

In fact, Afterlife is fully recyclable thanks to a unique process that brings together different types of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Supernovas pioneered the combination of three manufacturing techniques to create recycled assemblable objects: rotational molding, pressing and 3D printing. The collection consists of recycled plastic waste streams such as PE and PET contained in bottles, packaging, squeeze bottles, toys, gas and water pipes. Supernovas prevents all products from being 100% mono-material and does not use glue to ensure full recyclability. Afterlife’s playful design and colorful patterns prove that waste can be both beautiful and useful.



Recycled furniture detail

Recycled furniture detail

Planter and table

Recycled furniture detail



Garbage can

Planter and bench

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