A Video Recreation Studio Strikes into New Workplace Constructed Like a Metropolis

In view of the growing demand, the video game studio Eidos-Montreal wanted a new office for its almost 500 employees. The company commissioned the architecture of la SHED with the design of the new studio, in which the two levels were combined into a coherent and functional space. Inspired by urban planning, the architects designed the new studio as a warm environment in which all designers, artists and creatives can feel at home.

The company promotes a community-like environment, which led the architects to design the layout similar to that of a village. The rooms, corridors, and the entrance hall point to houses, alleys, small squares, and a public square, while the creation rooms, meeting rooms, and administrative offices lend themselves to the solids and voids that make up a city.

An open void visually connects the two floors with a tree bed that warms the pure white room. This forum area serves as a public space for socializing and meeting with tables and stone-like stools that invite people to collect.

Skylight lighting in a triangular pattern keeps the interior bright and feels like natural light. The grid system consists of acoustic foam inserts, lighting, ventilation slots and a sprinkler system, depending on what is required in this area. At meeting points, the acoustic foam is thicker to help dampen the noise. Other areas have empty triangles that add contrast and texture to the ceiling.

The company logo and game graphics inspired the use of triangles from the ceiling to the tables.

Photos by Maxime Brouillet, courtesy of v2com.

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