A Spacious Accent Dwelling Unit in Austin Full With a Murphy Mattress

In West Austin, Texas, Matt Garcia Design designed an accessory housing unit (ADU) that can be easily compared to a single family home. The Verdi Place ADU is 540 square feet, the size of a one-bedroom apartment but feels much more spacious, with floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces that open out lines of sight.

The compact house extends outside with a wooden deck surrounding the structure. The flat roof also extends over an overhang for much-needed summer shade in Texas.

Inside, two of the four boundary walls are made of glass, which makes it appear much larger than it actually is. White surfaces are paired with light wood floors and neutral furniture for a clean, modern feel.

A Murphy bed is hidden in a built-in cupboard on the back wall. Even when the bed is down there is still a lot of space around it.

Along the back wall is a full kitchen with lower white cabinets and an open shelf above.

The ADU also includes a bathroom, which is the only walled space in the unit.

Photos by Casey Dunn, courtesy of BowerBird.

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