A Sag Harbor Hideaway With Black Slats Creating Privateness + Shade Screens

Large cities have seen record numbers of people fling to quieter areas with more space and outdoor spaces to escape the ongoing pandemic. Seasonal locations have become full-time landing spots, especially as companies moved into remote work situations. The small town of Sag Harbor in New York has become one of the most sought-after locations, and this 2,630-square-foot residence is the perfect getaway. Up Studio designed the Harbor Hideaway as a single-family home on a corner lot with no direct view of the water. Due to its location on a wide street corner, they flipped the orientation of the house so it faced the far corner of the back yard, allowing privacy and an open flow to the outside area.

In addition to the black cedar slats that envelop the structure, floor-to-ceiling, black-framed windows on the back add additional visual appeal with bold vertical lines. Up Studio worked with Marvin Windows, who made bespoke Marvin Modern windows for the project, which resulted in the back of the house being fully glazed and the morning sun lighting up the bedrooms.

The width of the windows gives the interior the feeling of being open and much larger than its actual space requirement.

The front of the house has privacy screens on the ground floor as it faces the street, while the upper floor has Marvin Modern windows similar to those at the back.

Since the property didn’t have a direct view of the water, The Up Studio created a roof terrace that added additional space and the desired view.

Simple materials, blackened steel, light hardwood and neutral colors create a cohesive, modern interior.

A custom wooden staircase unites the three levels while still using vertical slats.

Photos by Alan Tansey, Steven Russell and Julian Bracero.

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