A Place for Rest, Pause + Meditation

If you have ever dreamed of curling up in a cozy nest and relaxing, you will love it hut. Described as “a unique nest on a human scale,” Hut provides you (and a friend or two) with an inviting place to sit back and relax in the open air. The modern outdoor hut was designed by Marco Lavit for Ethimo, with a wooden structure that protects like a shell and generous soft cushions that provide additional comfort. The strong visual impact of hat is created by a series of long stems arranged in a teepee shape, with inserts and details of metal to define the seat. The wood used is easy-care Siberian Larcie or Accoya®. It is perfect for outdoors as its beauty will be retained over time and it is FSC certified. For more privacy, add a curtain that allows air to circulate but protects against direct sunlight. You can move the hut anywhere as it doesn’t need to be attached to the ground. We are officially ready for summer!

Hut in the foliage



two huts

three huts

To learn more about hat, visit ethimo.com.

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