A NYC Apartment Reimagined With Bold Colors Inspired by a Painting

Located in a remarkable Robert AM Stern building on West 81st Street in Manhattan, this apartment has been redesigned by Jessica Shaw, Director of Interior Design at The Turett Collaborative. Customers bought the apartment without seeing it in person so the designers could remodel the space before the owners and their two children moved in. The Upper West Side apartment design plan began with a single painting, Computer Whiz, 1987, by Robert Overby, that the couple sent the designers for inspiration. References to the living painting are consistently seen in bold colors and rich textures. In combination with modern furniture, the finished apartment is chic, colorful and definitely smiling.

While the walls are neutral, there is color everywhere in the furniture and accessories. In the living room, it’s impossible not to be completely mesmerized by the rainbow-colored curtains that cover the floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition to the gray L-shaped sofa, there is a smaller curved green sofa and two curvy blue chairs that provide additional seating.

Right next to the living room is a media room with a blue corner as a background for a work of art.

The kitchen now has a breakfast table with custom window seats and bar stools that pop against the white cabinetry.

The master bedroom is done in lavender, light whites, and deep grays to create a cozy yet dramatic feel.

The two children’s rooms are also filled with color in the form of geometric shapes, with one room with them on the floor and the other with them decorating the ceiling.

Photos by Costas Picadas.

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