A LEGO Typewriter, Polaroid x Keith Haring + the Haas Brothers

1. Polaroid x Keith Haring
More than 30 years after his death, Keith Haring’s iconic work is one of the most iconic works of art of all time. Pair it with a name as iconic and recognizable as Polaroid and it will definitely be good. Haring was known to love Polaroid so the partnership just makes sense! As someone who is also very fond of Polaroid and Keith Haring, I was incredibly happy to announce their collaboration. The Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera special edition, with red front and back with black and white motifs, keeps Haring’s art and legacy alive while you document your life and events. The collaboration also includes the Keith Haring Edition Polaroid Color i-Type film with its signature art, so you can create your own art within art.

floating moon lamp

2. Smart moon lamp
In addition to my obsessions with Polaroid and LEGO (below), everything related to space and NASA are also on this list, especially things related to the moon. This Smart Moon Lamp fascinates me with its floating (I can’t help hearing Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” song in my head) illuminated moon that rotates slowly like the orbiting moon. The 3D printed globe is structured in such a way that it resembles the moon with its crater-coated surface, as a light makes it glow. So cool!

Lego typewriter

3. LEGO® ideas typewriter
What can’t you do with LEGO bricks ?! From a grand piano that you can actually play music with, a giant map of the world, a life-size trailer, a classic 1984 Macintosh computer, a bonsai tree (which I’m building) to the recently launched adidas Originals Superstar sneaker, they keeps knocking me out. And now they have made it again with the already sold-out typewriter, which exudes a touch of nostalgia with its mid-century modern look. Slide in a sheet of paper, “tap” the keys, and watch the slide move from left to right, just like a real typewriter. Do I want this in my life? Yes. Do i need this in my life? Also yes.

4th Haas Niki + Simon salt + pepper shakers
I love the Haas Brothers and everything they do. Artist and designer twins Nikolai and Simon come together to create sculptural furniture and objects that oscillate between art and design, all with their adorable signature aesthetics that are a mix of cartoon, science fiction, anthropomorphism, whimsy and fantasy is. I love their partnership with L’Objet, which includes smaller pieces of work like vases, candlesticks, dishes, serving dishes, candles, vessels and textiles. I especially love this set of brass salt and pepper shakers shaped like their fantastic creatures.

5. Evolvetogether Yellowstone Mosquito Repellent Patches
I’ve been wearing the evolutiontogether face masks since October 2020 when someone recommended them to me, and they have remained my favorite. I’ve been on their mailing list since that first order and was thrilled to hear that they’ll soon be coming out with removable mosquito repellent patches. As someone loved by all mosquitos within a 10 mile radius, the idea of ​​not having to use that choking spray every time I go outside is liberating! Plus, they look cool and have nothing to do with insects or repellants. Even though their newsletter lets me know when they go on sale, I still check their website weekly as I really want to try them out. Bonus: They’re DEET-free and use essential oils. UPDATE: They’re now available for $ 14.95 for 42 patches!

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