A Colourful Pediatrician’s Workplace Children Will Like to Go to

Everyone remembers being a kid and hating going to the doctor – am I right? The potential of gunshots or terrible tasting drugs scared us all, which the boring office furnishings didn’t help. The sterile beige and mint green surroundings left a lot to be desired, and unfortunately many medical practices remain that way these days. No wonder we all fear this experience. Cut to medical offices that get it right like The Apple Tree, a pediatrician practice in Athens, Greece. At the forefront of the design is the studio materiality that this fun Athens cafe called Coffix previously tackled. So it’s no surprise they are behind The Apple Tree.

The office is done in bright, bold colors that nod to the Memphis movement. The color blocking and playful approach will inevitably defuse a child’s fear. If it doesn’t, there is a play area with a rock-climbing wall and other activities to keep it busy until the appointment.

Curved doors and rounded windows have been incorporated to contrast all the harsh angles of the rectangular space.

Even the exam rooms are adorable with pale pink walls and floors, patterned fabric, and fun wall art.

Photos by Alina Lefa.

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